20 Holiday Traditions Checklist

20On a particulalry long car drive I decided to pass time ( and interrupt the sibling bickering) by asking my kids to call out things they would like to do to celebrate the Holidays this year. My daughter wrote the ideas down and I turned their favorite traditions into a pretty checklist so we could be sure not to miss a thing.
When I was a child my family didn’t have much money, but there are still some things that we did every year during the Christmas season to make it feel really special. We decorated a tree while listening to an Elvis Christmas record. I still get so teary-eyed wistful and nostalgic every time I hear “Blue Christmas”. It is my kryptonite. I can still go right back in my mind to listening so hard for Santa sounds on Christmas Eve with my two brothers. We would drive around our town to look for the best and brightest decorated houses.
These are moments I look forward to enjoying with my kids every year along with all the newer traditions we have been keeping since I began my own family.
I love the idea of creating these hazy, beautiful and golden memories for my kids. I want them to have a mental well filled with happiness to dip into for the rest of their lives. The world can be dark sometimes. I do all I can to fill it with twinkle lights for them.



Just right click or cntrl click to “save as” and enjoy!

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