Aging My Kitchen Cabinets for a Rustic Look

A snowed-in day is the perfect time to stare around your house and think about projects that you have been meaning to do for a long time. Today I landed on my kitchen cabinets. Ever since we put down our new flooring in there, I have been planning to refinish the cabinets. New cabinets are crazy expensive and while I would love to invest in a serious overhaul in there someday, just painting can really change the feel of any room for very little money. With that knowledge, I have painted these cabinets a whole lot of times. White, ivory, black, brown, and back to white. But the white has looked very stark and at odds with the warm tones and warm woods that have made their way into that room. Not only is the flooring warm-toned but my husband also inherited a big antique wooden hutch that belonged to his grandmother and I really felt the need to tie together all the pieces and parts. I decided I really liked the look of an aged finish over white (They were already white…halfway there!).

Cabinet Transformation

I did some research and found out there are about 8 billion ways to accomplish the “aged/distressed” look. I chose to purchase a quart-sized can of Rust-Oleum Transformations Java Brown Cabinet Decorative Glaze. I paid right around $15. I also needed some gloves, a brush and cheesecloth.

Cabinet Transformation

I started by working in sections so that the glaze wouldn’t dry faster than I could wipe it. So, I brushed the glaze on one door at a time making sure to get the glaze in all of the dents and crevices. Then I used the cheesecloth to wipe down the areas I had glazed leaving a little extra in all of the recesses. I felt a little unsure of my technique at first. I wasn’t sure how dark or light I wanted the finished product. The first door was a bit of trial and error. However, I quickly found my groove and was able to complete all of my lower cabinets in less than 2 hours.

Cabinet Transformation       Cabinet Transformation

I love how they turned out! I will get the hardware on, finish my upper cabinets and change out a couple of the cabinets for farmhouse shelving. Then post the final transformation.

Cabinet Transformation


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