Stained Glass Mosaic Window

Stained glass windows are so beautiful. My husband and I began looking for one to hang in our kitchen window to add a pop of bright color but we didn’t have much luck. We had a difficult time finding any in our favorite antique shops and when we did find one...Read More »

Real Fall Leaves Mini Canvases Project

I really can’t get enough of fall art projects. I received this US Art Supply Stretched Canvas Variety Square Set to try out and I knew right away I was going to come up with a leaf project for these cute little canvases.

The 8 canvases...Read More »

Handmade Recycled Paper | Fall Art Project

We love to make recycled handmade paper! I like to use it as a fall project and as an Earth Day recycling art project as well.

What You Need:


a blender

paper scraps- newspaper, magazine clippings, construction paper scraps

other items to add to the...Read More »

Mixed-Media Fall Art Project

I really love to teach art in the Fall. This project is one of my favorites for several reasons. I like that the kids learn to follow directions for the first half of the artwork and then they are set free to explore and play to create and finish their...Read More »

Starting A Gallery Wall Project- US Art Supply Brushes and Palette

I received a set f 12 paint brushes and a wooden palette from US Art Supply and my kids and I are having fun trying them out. As a painter, I don’t like to share my expensive paintbrushes, so these brushes and palette are great to use...Read More »

Rock Painting with Kids

I have a ton of craft projects and ideas planned for my kids this summer. They both even have their own Pinterest boards so that I can see what kind of things they are interested in doing. We kicked off our first art venture of the summer by...Read More »

A Painting Today

I painted a painting that was similar to this several years ago. I am planning a series of trees like this one. Or similar in style anyway. I previously liked using board with a slick surface so that I could get the flowing quality I liked out of the paint, but...Read More »

Cute Simple Valentine's Day Art for Kids

This has always been a favorite technique both for my own kids and for my art kids at school.

It’s so simple. You just need coffee filters, washable markers, a paintbrush and water. We used scrapbooking scissors with a fancy edge to cut our pretty heart shapes.

Let the kids color on...Read More »


Inspiration exists, but it has to find you working.

-Pablo Picasso

I have always loved that quote. Because when it comes to art, I have always been willing to work for it.

I have been in a creative frenzy this week. I just want to spend every waking hour making something. It takes...Read More »

One Second a Day Video Project

Nearly every year I begin a 365 photo project just to give up after a few well-intentioned weeks. Some days after spending a whole day photographing clients, I would pretty much rather do anything else. I could just never see it through which hardly makes sense given the 70 billion...Read More »

Happy Collecting

I am a collector of things. I hardly love anything better than finding some small lovely treasure to add to one of my many and ever-expanding hoards collections. Assemblages and still-life arrangements calm my soul. I can wander aimlessly in a antique store for hours much to the despair of...Read More »