Start the Day with Great Hair + Giveaway

My guys are picky about their hair. They will only go to one place to get their hair cut and they are even so particular that they go to the same stylist every time too. They have been going to our local Great Clips for over 2 years now....Read More »

Professional Makeup Brush Set by Kirei Cosmetics

I have been using these makeup brushes for about 2 weeks now and I love them! It was kind of love at first sight really. When I opened the box and saw the luxury case that opened into two organizers I was already impressed. It’s really the...Read More »

2 Simple Coconut Oil & Honey Face Scrubs

My face is really DRY right now. This happens every winter. But my skin is also so sensitive that I can’t use anything on it or I have some kind of reaction with redness and patchy  dryness that is worse than before. The only moisturizing product I can use is...Read More »