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I have just been rolling with my gray hair lately but I decided that I wanted a fresh new look for the rest of summer. As a compliment for beautiful new color, I made really easy and pretty little flower hair pins.

Diy Flower Hair Pins

To make the flower hair pins you will need:

artificial flowers (any that you like)

hair pins (mine are large bobby pin style pins)

hot glue gun (lo temp)


glitter (optional)



I pulled the the flowers that I wanted to use from the stems.


Next, I held together little clusters together until I came up with a little arrangement that I liked. Generally speaking, odd numbers of elements work best. For these pins, I kept it simple and just gathered one larger focal piece flower and then an accent piece of 2 tiny white flowers on one stem.


I pushed the stem sections into the head of the pin.


I then squeezed a ring of hot glue on the area between the flowers and the hair pin.


I let the glue cool and then trimmed the stems down close to the pin.



I put a small blob of hot glue over the trimmed stems securing it all together.


While the glue was still warm I dipped it in glitter just to make the messy hot glue area prettier. You could leave the glue the way it is or you could even cut out a felt circle to glue over the back.


There are so many options for these and I can’t wait to use them in my freshly colored hair!


To color my hair I chose Schwarzkopf Keratin Color at Walmart. The hair coloring aisle in the health & beauty department can be slightly overwhelming but I needed something that would cover those pesky grays where many home colors have tried and failed. Here’s the color I chose!


Delicate Praline 6.0


Make sure to follow instructions carefully if you choose to color your hair at home. Do the allergy test in advance and you can also call the helpline if you have any questions.


A Pre-Treatment for even color result is included, so I appreciate the added value and it smells really good too.


The instructions are super easy to follow. 2a mixes into 2b. Simple!


I located my hair dye towel. Then I applied the pre-treatment to my dry ends. I chose a color close to my natural color and because my gray roots are my biggest concern, I applied 2/3 of the dye to my roots and grown-out areas first. After leaving that to process for 20 minutes, I used the rest and worked it in all the way to the ends. I left it all on for about 10-15 minutes. I rinsed it out, used the included conditioner, and styled.


Here is a “Try Me Free Rebate” so you can give it a go!

I LOVE it! No more gray, rich and even color (I hate it when I dye my hair and the roots end up lighter than the ends), and my hair is soft and shiny!

I have had some ugly hair color fails at home but this looks great and feels even better. I think the color is perfect for me too.

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  1. Amanda

    I love, love, love keratin hair color. This is the best off the self color and i love the reds. This stuff last longer than most and even when it fades you still have great color.

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