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My cat, Jethro, is always ready to play. It’s one of the things I love most about him. So I decided to make a really cute and simple hand-sewn felt toy just for him.

He needs food that he loves to eat for the energy to play. He loves Meow Mix Simple Servings and I love the simplicity of the no mess, no waste portions. I picked it up at our local Meijer (30% off mPerks offer running from 10/08/17 – 11/04/17).

Meow Mix Simple Servings is a new, single serving of delicious wet cat food in a convenient, mess-free cup. So I don’t need a fork or spoon and the serving size means no leftovers. I just peel off the lid and serve. No Mess. No Leftovers. So Simple.


Here is his “feed me now please” face.




He really enjoys the Chicken & Turkey flavor with actual pieces of poultry in a savory gravy. I think I will try Tuna & Salmon and Tuna & Whitefish varieties for him next time because he is a big fan of tuna.

For his new bird-shaped toy, the first thing I did when creating his fun new toy was to choose some felt. I chose a donut pattern and a coordinating solid color. This project also requires embroidery floss, a large sewing needle, and cotton stuffing. I sketched out a quick pattern. There is a printable template for the bird shape at at the end of this tutorial.


Cut out the bird-shaped pattern and trace it onto the pattern felt.


Flip the pattern over and trace it again so that there are front and back pieces that line up. Cut them out.


Trace the wings onto the solid color felt and also trace the tail and a bit of the back area of the bird shape. I used this piece to sandwich between the two patterned felt pieces to make the finished tail more fringy.



Thread the needle.


Attach one wing on each of the patterned felt bird shapes that you cut out using a small “x” stitch.


Tie a knot to keep the wings secure.



Make a little knot on your thread that is on your needle.


Hold the two sides of the bird together. Plus the needle through from the inside so that the knot is inside the toy.


Next start stitching around the outside.


When nearing the tail, insert the extra solid color piece of felt. Continue stitching until you get to the tail. Do not stitch around the tail. Instead stitch across the body to the bottom side.



Leave a small part not sewn so that the toy can be stuffed. Using a finger or a pencil, stuff cotton into the bird toy until plump. At this point catnip could easily be added to the inside for all catnip loving kitties. Then finish sewing the bird closed.



I want to be able to dangle and pull the toy along for Jethro, so I tied a piece of the string one of the stitches at the top of my bird toy.


I cut the tail into strips because I know he will like the movement it will create.



He loves it!


Check them out!







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