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Being a mom is crazy sometimes and we all have our fair share of motherhood “war” stories. The Red Baron Baroness is passing out patches and I think I have just about earned them all! I am definitely a well-seasoned veteran “Human Napkin”, “Toddler Translator” and “Kid Wrangler” but I admit, I am still a rookie “Screen time Regulator”.

My kids are growing up right before my very eyes and while I am so proud of the big kids they are becoming, I miss some of those sweet and funny little kid moments.

I want to share one of my favorite stories and how I earned my “Monster Hunter” patch.

Monster Hunter

Since birth my son has always had trouble sleeping. So often he will call out for me and ask, “what’s that sound” and I most always answer, “it’s nothing, please go back to sleep”. But one evening as he was falling asleep he asked, “what’s that sound” and I heard it too. A very distinct flapping sound was coming from the bathroom and as the designated “Monster Hunter”, it is my job to investigate all things that go bump in the night.

Now just for a bit of perspective here, I once caught a bat in that very same bathroom years ago and so I was prepared to do brave battle with a cardboard box in one hand and my son huddled behind me. When I cautiously opened the door we met our monster. The toilet paper hanging near the air vent had caught the breeze just perfectly and was slapping against itself. Before witnessing this phenomenon myself, I would never have thought that toilet paper could create such a strong and loud wing flap sound. However, there it was. I rolled it up a bit more, defeating said monster, and we could barely stop laughing all the way back to bed.

It’s easy enough to defeat toilet paper monsters but I find that one aspect of motherhood that has brought me some of the most difficult battles is mealtime.


FullSizeRender 11

Fortunately, when things are hectic and crazy, which they almost always are around here, I can pull out a Red Baron frozen pizza and everyone is happy.

I mean look, not even baked and it looks yummy!


Besides the usual day-to-day of parenting, we have work, band, orchestra, movie club, running club, homework; the list goes on and on. I get a fast and easy meal solution and they get pizza! Win-win!





I am giving away 3 FREE Red Baron pizzas so share your motherhood “war stories” in the comments or share with The Baroness on social media using the hashtag #wingmama for a chance to win!

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