Painting Our House Gray

It’s amazing the difference a fresh coat of paint can make. We painted our house about 15 years ago when we bought it but it has been in dire need of an update for quite some time. My brother-in-law offered to head it up, my husband’s parents got on board to help, and we jumped on the opportunity!

I knew I wanted to go gray but I really was pretty overwhelmed with choosing just the right color. Picture me standing in Lowe’s with both hands full of gray paint chips for an hour. My husband was leaning towards darker and I was pushing for lighter. We eventually met in the middle and landed here:

City Storm Summer Gray Royal Navy

City Storm was our choice for the major areas, Summer Gray for the white trim, and Royal Navy as the accent color for the front door and window boxes. Here are the actual chips I used to work out the colors. These actually look more true-to-life than the the above digital chips.


We painted our house this light tan color and over the years it has taken quite a beating. We used good quality paint at the time but the nature of the bricks coupled with exposure has left it looking pretty shabby.

IMG_3532IMG_3533 copy

IMG_3296      IMG_3319

Over the course of four days, with a whole lot of scraping, brushing, and rolling, the transformation is pretty dramatic. I love it!







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