I have been a freelance photographer for over 10 years and a professional studio photographer and digital technician for 5.

Snowy Day!

We have 2 boxers. They are incredibly funny and they stay puppies at heart long after they become adult dogs. We spent some family time in the backyard this morning after we got our first big snow of the winter here in southern Ohio.

Oh my. They had tons of...Read More »

One Second a Day Video Project

Nearly every year I begin a 365 photo project just to give up after a few well-intentioned weeks. Some days after spending a whole day photographing clients, I would pretty much rather do anything else. I could just never see it through which hardly makes sense given the 70 billion...Read More »

Happy Collecting

I am a collector of things. I hardly love anything better than finding some small lovely treasure to add to one of my many and ever-expanding hoards collections. Assemblages and still-life arrangements calm my soul. I can wander aimlessly in a antique store for hours much to the despair of...Read More »