Pizza Night Holiday Fun with DiGiorno

It can be hard to fit in some festive fun during the hectic holiday season. It seems like every December we run around like mad and barely have time to hit the drive-through on the way home. But really what could be easier than swinging by the local Dollar General to pick up a DiGiorno frozen pizza?


This cute idea for dressing it up was so easy and the kids had lots of fun making them too. I felt like a winner by inserting a bit of holiday fun into pizza night.

All you need is a DiGiorno frozen pizza , a round cookie cutter or something that could cut a round hole in the pizza, and some veggies to create the snowman face. We used a carrot and some green pepper. Olives would look great too.



So we opened up our pizza and baked it according to the instructions on the box. I chopped up the green pepper and cut a baby carrot into slender triangles.

Once the pizza was done baking, I let it cool for 15-20 minutes so no little fingers would get burned during the pizza cutting. We had a big circle cutter and we could get 4 circles of pizza to decorate.


The kids used the chopped green pepper to make the eyes and mouth of their snowmen and the carrot was the nose.



The best part is always getting to eat your creation :)

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