Professional Makeup Brush Set by Kirei Cosmetics

I have been using these makeup brushes for about 2 weeks now and I love them! It was kind of love at first sight really. When I opened the box and saw the luxury case that opened into two organizers I was already impressed. It’s really the little things in life. It is going to be perfect for travel and storage and has an easy magnetic closure. My daughter helped me remove all of the plastic sleeves and netting and it was like opening presents. Our first impression was, “they are so pretty and SO soft!”.

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I loved the black handles with gold ferules. Visually, they are elegant and look very much like the high-end more expensive brushes that you can buy. The brushes are solid and sturdy with no wobbling or shaking in the hand-crafted workmanship. I teach my kids to look for “cruelty-free” and “humane” when we are shopping, so I was happy to see that these brushes are synthetic, cruelty-free, and vegan. The synthetic bristles also mean little to no shedding of the hairs when you are using them ( I have seen just 1 hair lost from the stippling brush) and they are less likely to harbor bacteria as well while being safe and gentle on your skin. They are densely packed and incredibly soft.

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This set of 10 includes a good variety of brushes. You get:

1. Powder Brush- I use mineral makeup so this is an everyday brush for me. Really achieves a soft-focus and flawless finish.

2. Foundation Brush- It is paddle-shaped and smooth for good coverage and easy application.

3. Concealer Brush- It is the perfect size for getting under the eye and around the nose area for dark circles or redness.

4. Contour/Angled Blush Brush- This brush has an angled design for getting into edges and areas of your face that you like to contour.

5. Eyebrow Brush- This has shorter, stiffer, angled-cut bristles for control and perfect for filling in the eyebrows.

6. Eyeliner Brush- This one comes to a fine point and sturdy for creating that smooth tapered line.

7. Accent Brush (also known as a Detailer Brush or Smudger)- It is great for smudging out eyeliner. I use mine to apply lipstick.

8. Stippling Brush (also known as the Duo Fiber Brush)- This has longer stiffer design for applying foundation in a stippling motion.

9. Blending Brush- This little guy is so soft and fluffy. It blends eyeshadow seamlessly and is a good size to contour the nose.

10. Eye Shadow Brush- This brush has an angled cut as well. Great for Packing color onto lid and into crease.

The brushes are designed well to suit their individual purposes and the set even comes with a little manual that describes what each brush was designed to do. They are great at picking up and distributing product. Having professional brushes makes such a difference!


Though I do own several professional makeup brushes, this is my first matching set of makeup brushes and I have been having so much fun with them. They are performing every bit as well as the very expensive brushes that I use.

I am not a makeup artist but I do sometimes do makeup for friends and family on special occasions and I would feel like a pro when breaking out this beautiful set.

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You can pick them up for a little over $40 on Amazon.

*I received these brushes complementary for review purposes. No other compensation was received and all opinions are my own.

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