Real Fall Leaves Mini Canvases Project

I really can’t get enough of fall art projects. I received this US Art Supply Stretched Canvas Variety Square Set to try out and I knew right away I was going to come up with a leaf project for these cute little canvases.

The 8 canvases in this set range in size from 1 ½ square to 4 ½ square. So when it came to selecting the right canvas for the right leaf, I had a good variety of options. They are archival, lightweight, primed, and 100% pure cotton artist canvas mounted onto acid free heavy board. The canvas is glued around the sides and each canvas looks nice and smooth.

US Art Supply Mini Canvas Set

The first step in creating these little works of art is to take a walk and gather some leaves in beautiful colors. I knew I wanted a progression from green to yellow to red for my set. Next, I pressed the leaves in an old textbook for a day or so because I wanted my leaves to lay somewhat flat and they needed to dry out a bit as well. Then I used an acrylic spray on each side of the leaf to seal and preserve the color.

Mini Canvas

I chose the canvas that best fit my favorite leaf specimens. I wanted my leaves to be almost as big as the canvases I chose. Taking inspiration from the colors in the leaves that I chose, I painted each canvas with acrylic paint. The canvases did seem to hold paint well and I applied 2 coats to make sure I had a nice solid base color to work with.


On the back of each leaf I painted a layer of Mod Podge.


Then I flipped the leaf over and pressed it to the canvas. Since it did not stick down as well as I had hoped, I wrapped it with a piece of plastic wrap to hold it down until it dried enough to lay flat. Don’t worry if some Mod Podge is around the leaf on the painted surface of the canvas. The plastic wrap will easily peel right off anyway.


Once the piece has mostly dried, I take off the plastic wrap and give the whole thing a coat of the Mod Podge and leave it to thoroughly dry.


I love them and I have an entire Pinterest board of great ideas for using mini canvases.

These would also make really sweet stocking stuffers if you have artist friends or children that love to do art projects. My daughter loved the novelty of the very small canvases included.



*Though I received these canvases free to try out all opinions are unbiased and my own.

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