Rock Painting with Kids

I have a ton of craft projects and ideas planned for my kids this summer. They both even have their own Pinterest boards so that I can see what kind of things they are interested in doing. We kicked off our first art venture of the summer by doing some rock painting.

Paint Set

We received this Set of 24 Acrylic Tube Paint from US Art Supply and I thought this would be the perfect project to give them a try. As a painter, I don’t like to share my expensive paints and supplies. This set is extremely affordable and would be perfect for kids and beginners. I could even mix them into my professional supplies.

We began by nailing down the ideas we wanted to use for our rocks. They found several that they wanted to try. Then we headed out into the backyard to search for the perfect “canvases” for our ideas. They were matching their ideas to the shapes and sizes of the stones that we were finding.

RockWash RockDrying

We brought them inside and gave the rocks a good wash and set them on a towel to dry while we got the rest of our supplies ready. I set up a surface that I didn’t mind getting covered in paint and made sure they were wearing clothes that could get paint-covered. Dried acrylic paint does not wash out! Next we squeezed out the paints onto a palette. The paints were vivid and did not have a bad smell like some of the inexpensive acrylics paints that I have tried before.


With the rocks mostly dry, we got to work! I had them sketch their ideas with a pencil first. Then I helped them select a brush that would be best for whatever stroke they were hoping to achieve. The paint went on smoothly and covered well. The kids are still learning color mixing so it was nice to have the variety of 24 paint colors available.

NoahDrawing  ChloDrawing



We placed the painted rocks on the counter in a sunny spot. The paint dried quickly with a satin/semi-glossy finish and the colors were vibrant. The last step was to spray the rocks with a clear acrylic coating so we can put them out in our backyard. Love them all!

Monster Rocks:



Cave Painting Rocks:

painted rocks

Mandala Rock (This one is mine…so much fun!)


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