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Mornings around here are completely crazy with 4 people rushing around to get ready for the day! It can be hard to carve out any time for myself but there are a couple of simple things that I can do to create a morning routine that gets my day started out right.

First of all, shower time is quality me time. With just 10 minutes I can wake up and freshen up by choosing a body wash that smells absolutely amazing. I love a fresh, bright, sweet smell for my morning shower experience so it was no surprise that when I took the Suave Body Wash Quiz, I got Suave® Essentials Mango Mandarin. It is the perfect energizing start-the-day scent.


Inspired by the cleansing and hydrating Suave® Essentials Mango Mandarin body wash, I put together a mango and orange fruit infused water. It’s a winning combination! I cut up half an orange and half of a mango and put them in a jar, filled it with water, and chilled for an hour. So simple. I am terrible at drinking enough water through the day, but toss in some fruit and I am off to a good start.


I took the quiz 3 times and decided to head to Walmart to pick up all 3 of my results so that I would have a scent for any occasion. Suave® Essentials Cocoa Butter & Shea is definitely my new go-to luxurious at home spa day scent. Hello soaking in the tub and breathing in this rich and decadent smell. Take Suave Body Wash Quiz to find your perfect variation and get a cash back offer from Ibotta!


Let me know which scent you got!







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